• J Tillman

Word Revelation

The negative things we say about others is often a mirror into our own heart.

Have you ever met someone that was really negative towards you? Guess what, they are negative to themselves.

Are you a person that attempts to practice perfectionism? Have you found that you often express/reveal or criticize everyone’s flaws?

Maybe that’s because you hate your flaws and try to be perfect that no one can hurt you or your never experience the embarrassment of being wrong.

Do you know someone or are you are person that often believes others are hating on you or jealous of you?

This may be a sign of your own jealousy that can be too painful to address yet easier to accuse others of.

I’m not perfect. When I listen to the negative things I say about others I immediately have a feeling inside that tells me, “Nope Jeanine, you’re jealous, angry, being unfair, gossiping, etc.”

I've learned it is up to ME to address this within myself and be open and HONEST to be healed from whatever it is that would encourage me to insult others aloud or in my mind. It still counts if it’s in your mind!😂😂🤣 Just had to throw that in there.

It’s a hard truth, but it is necessary for growth.


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