• J Tillman

Pretty Fruitless

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Today one of my baby's told me she liked a boy...

I told her that was okay, because that is what she is supposed to boys. However, I informed her and her sister that they are too young to have a boyfriend.

I asked her what this boy looked like. She told me with a smile. She couldn't tell me much other than he was brown, was nice and what color shirt and pants he wore while sitting in her class.

I told her this and I hope she remembers it for the rest of her life...

A boyfriend is more than someone who is cute and makes you happy. He needs to be able to do something (i.e. produce some fruit).

I asked, "can he read?" My baby, "I think so." I asked "can he add?" My baby, " I don't know." I asked "Does he have good behavior in class?" My baby, "sometimes..." I asked, "can he subtract?" My baby, " I don't know." I asked, " Does he pray to Jesus?" My baby, "I don't know." I asked, "Does he know his ABC's?" My baby, "I don't know." (By this time she is looking bewildered as if she is aware that she REALLY doesn't know much about him.)

I explained to her....if Daddy couldn't read, he wouldn't be able to read the directions on the pancake box to fix your breakfast.

If Daddy didn't have good behavior he would be in and out of jail and wouldn't be able to take care of us and pay bills for this home we live in.

If Daddy couldn't add and subtract he couldn't help you and your sister with your homework.

If Daddy didn't pray to Jesus, how could we worship together as a family.

See baby a boyfriend has to be more than cute and make you happy. He needs to bare fruit. I know they are young and this probably was a lot of information, but I know this will be a checklist for her that will grow throughout her life. checklist before I knew better involved questions such as, "Did he smoke blacks or marijuana, drink forties or wine coolers, hang out at Park Avenue night club or the Cliff Club". When I knew better, I did better in life. I want them to have the opportunity to do better now rather than later. If I don't tell them what to look for someone will.

When it is time, I pray our lovely ladies are able to choose a man that bares fruit and isn't just a pretty tree.



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